The Hera Collection

The Goddess of the Gods

Hera is the Queen of Gods, Queen of Heaven, ruling over sky and earth, protecting marriage and family. She’s the perfect match for this rich, majestic collection, distinguished by its connection to mother Earth. Embellished with flower petals and flower seeds, your invites will live on long after you’ve exchanged vows.

Let your love grow with the Hera collection.

The Inspiration

Plant the seed of love in the hearts of your guests and let them plant life in their garden. The Hera collection is crafted from our Botanica Floral Seed Paper and is fully sustainable, bringing colour and life to mother Earth.

The hand papermaking process is done with great care using 100% cotton material. Authentic flower petals, visible on the surface of the paper, add depth and texture in vibrant hues of blue, yellow and pink. The bespoke qualities of this stationery collection are enhanced with a scattering of wild flower seeds, ready to bloom in the gardens of your guests.

The classic, stylish font is simply but skillfully hand printed in metallic gold using hot foil techniques which protect the delicate flower seeds.

Accompanying components of this collection are crafted from our sustainable Extract Card, elevating the special characteristics of the Hera collection.

This luxurious, environmentally friendly stationery collection breathes new life after your wedding day. It is a thoughtful, caring way to involve your guests before, and long after, your wedding.

The Hera collection is inspired by mother Earth, gratitude, and everlasting life. It will thank your guests in an unexpectedly wonderful way.

Featured Characteristics

Base Layer

  • Handmade Botanica Floral Seed Paper 175gsm
  • Sustainable Extract Card 760gsm
  • Size – A6 / 105 x 148mm


  • Cotton White / Shell Pink

Top Layer

  • Metallic Gold Foil


  • Sustainable Extract Shell Pink 130gsm Peel and Seal
  • Size – C6 / 114 x 162mm
Hera Collection Save The Date

Save the Date

When Hera married Zeus, mother Earth gave her the gift of a golden apple tree. Gift your guests this simple but elegant handcrafted Save the Date printed in metallic gold foil on our special Botanica Floral Seed Paper. When placed in the earth and nurtured by the sky, it will blossom into a mini meadow of wildflowers. Just like the golden apple tree, it will live long after your special day.

Hera Collection Invite


Hera is known for her extravagant, nourishing garden of eternal life. Allow your guests to nurture their own seeds of love with this hand crafted, gold foil printed invitation they’ll treasure long after your wedding. Rooted firmly in the ground, this invitation crafted from our Botanica Floral Seed Paper will blossom and grow serving as a living reminder of your wedding day.

Hera Collection Thank You

Thank you

Hera’s golden apples, planted on the Northern edge of the world, symbolise her love for Zeus. Say thank you to your guests with this flowering collection of stationery they can plant on the edge of their own world. Gold foil printed on our Botanica Floral Seed Paper, this is the perfect way to say thank you. A card destined to flourish into an abundance of colours in your guests’ gardens.


Let your love grow with the Hera collection